The Campbell’s from Jura built the distillery around 1810. The whisky produced then was peaty from character, which differs considerably from the whisky produced today. The distillery was rebuilt in 1884 and produced 64,000 gallons per year back then. In the early 1900’s the distillery was dismantled and the buildings became a ruin.

Somewhere around 1950 a few people on Jura got together and decided to restart the distillery, creating jobs for the island. The new distillery was built on the same location using some of the old ruined buildings. The distillery finally reopened in 1963 providing jobs for a quarter of the male workforce on the island.

The whisky however changed as much as the appearance of the distillery and the taste became less peaty and more of a Highland character.

Jura 8 Year Old 70° proof 26⅔ oz
Jura 8 Year Old 70° proof 26⅔ oz £195.00
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Jura 1990 23 Year Old 'Royal Mile' 51.10%
Jura 1990 23 Year Old Royal Mile 51.10% 70cl £250.00
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Jura 1991 12 Year Old 'Connoisseurs Choice' Gordon & MacPhail 40.00%
Jura 1991 'Connoisseurs Choice' Gordon & MacPhail 43.00% 70cl £295.00
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Jura 1996 6 Year Old Adelphi 60.50%
Jura 1996 6 Year Old Adelphi 60.50% 70cl £150.00
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