Selling Your Cask?

We don’t just sell whisky at Whisky Business, we also buy casks to bottle exclusively for our customers. If you have a cask you are interested in selling, please contact us with the details using the form below, and we will get back to you to initiate a discussion.

Things You Should Know

If the cask is older than about 10 years old not many people would be willing to buy it off you without having recently checked the quantity in the cask. This usually costs about £75.00, depending on the warehouse where your cask is stored, but it is beneficial to both the buyer and yourself to know the quantity involved.

Prices tend to be "per litre of pure alcohol" so as the whisky gets older, say above 15–20 years, 5–10 litres of alcohol (10–20 litres of liquid) difference between an estimate and what is actually in the cask can be the difference between a profit or a very large loss. Taking such risks is not for the faint-hearted so re-gauging is the only way for buyer and seller to both be confident.

If the cask is mature we are happy to consider deals where you get a specified number of bottles from the cask; labelled and Duty Paid. This allows you to taste the final product from your investment while not being stuck with 300 bottles of the same whisky in your garage!