Wrongly dismissed as nothing more than a shed, Kininvie is a fascinating – and little-explored – distillery.

The mashing and malting takes place in dedicated vessels within Balvenie, but it doesn’t use any of Balvenie’s own-malted barley and the fermentation is slightly longer. The wash is then pumped to the stillhouse where three sets of three stills (one wash still feeding two spirit stills) are located. The spirit stills are similar in shape to those at Glenfiddich, but the wash stills are larger. The character is more floral than Glenfiddich with a soft tongue coating quality. Aging takes place in a variety of woods: first-fill Bourbon, refill and some Sherry.  

Kininvie 23 Year Old 'Batch 2' 42.60% 35cl £150.00 GBP
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