The Old Midleton distillery was part of the Cork Distillery Company, which merged with John Power & Son and John Jameson & Son in 1966 to form Irish Distillers.

The new company was joined in 1972 by Bushmills, a situation which created a monopoly on the production of Irish whiskey. The Old Midleton boasted the world's largest potstill, with a capacity of over 31,500 gallons.

The new Midleton is an enormous modern distillery in County Cork built by Irish Distillers in 1975 to streamline the production of its many brands. The transfer of production between the distilleries was seamless: the distillery workers left the Old Midleton distillery in the evening and started at the new complex the following morning.

This brought an end to nearly 200 years of Jameson production in Dublin, but the Old Jameson Distillery in Bow Street is now a visitor's centre. Tourists can also visit the Midleton complex, which is home to many other brands beside Jameson, including Green Spot, Paddy, Power's and Redbreast.

Midleton 1973 25 Year Old Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey 43.00% 70cl
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