Originally called Thomondgate Distillery, which was very lovingly described by Alfred Barnard in his 1886 book The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom. He relayed how its site covered 6 acres, it produced 300,000 gallons a year and how the view over Limerick and the River Shannon from the drawing room bay window of the manager’s house was as beautiful as any in the country.
Suir Peated Malt 1992 8 Year Old Adelphi Limerick 60.80% 70cl £150.00 GBP
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Slaney Malt 1991 9 Year Old Adelphi Limerick 59.80% 70cl
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Shannon Grain 1991 9 Year Old Adelphi Limerick 67.30% 70cl £250.00 GBP
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